Our business is based on services, while our final objective is customer satisfaction

OWNERS “Why engage BF Studio to sell your property”

Our level of professionalism and experience in the Real Estate market has reached levels of excellence which allows us to offer customers reliable assistance with full transparency and confidentiality.
Each customer who appoint BF Studio to sell their property are individually managed dependent on their specific requirements.
Working together, we establish the amount to be invested in advertising, agreeing the promotional strategy and conditions of sale.
It is essential that a clear and direct relationship is established between the vendor and ourselves.
Together we programme the strategy of the sale to understand the vendor's objective, in order to satisfy them and obtain the best results from the promotion and resultant sale.
All properties we handle are presented in the best possible way with photographic services, H.D. videos and aerial shots rendering the properties clearly and giving potential buyers as much information and detail as possible.
After having defined the photographic service, properties are placed on our publicity channels.
We go to great lengths and expense to maintain an updated study of modern and innovated advertising tools, as we firmly believe in the results and the consequent satisfaction of our customers.
Our property portfolio is visible on all the principal web channels, our own website is highly indexed and we are partners in the most frequently viewed National and International Property portals.
Furthermore, thanks to our longstanding experience, we have created a solid team of professional experts in the Real Estate sector with whom we collaborate in the targeted promotion of properties.

We are often asked to sell particularly prestigious properties or properties of historic interest, whose owners want the details or the fact that the property is on the market to remain confidential.
B.F. Studio is attentive also in this respect, offering those who require a maximum reserve, the possibility of 'advertising' in a specifically designated area within our own web portal, which can only be accessed by users whom we select after having verified their credentials and reliability.
This facility permits us to guarantee an extremely discrete and confidential service.

Entrusting us with the sale or rent of your property signifies a goal reached for us.

BUYERS “Why source your property investment via BF Studio”

Years of experience and continuous activity in Real Estate brokerage has taught us how to undergo this dedicated business with professionalism and with results.
Simply, we know from experience how to interpret the demands and requirements of our customers; to listen to them and assist them in their research.
This is the focus of our activity. We offer customers continual updates on property solutions that reflect their requirements.
The objective of B.F. Studio is to make the market known to our customers and to select the property most in line with their requirements.

SPECIFIC PROPERTY RESEARCH: Often distances separate customers and the location where they want to purchase a property.
This can involve intensive and expensive research for a customer, who is often unable to adequately complete the research and invariably leads to disappointment.
At B.F. Studio we understand these difficulties and for this reason, without charging any fee should a purchase not go through, we will source specific properties in specific locations, with specific characteristics and history.
We are able to pursue this delicate research work, thanks to a perfect knowledge of the area and thanks to a consolidated network of partners in this sector.
We offer a complete service, necessary to best optimise the sourcing of a property which reflects the expectations of the customer - a key focus to obtain the optimum results.

Once the property has been selected and thanks to the help of our team of professionals, we verify the mortgage, planning and land registry positions in order to initiate a totally transparent negotiation through to the contract stage.
This is an important role and dedicated job, aimed at correctly handling all the buying and selling procedures.
For those who intend taking out a mortgage, B.F. Studio offers the possibility of using specific banking institutes and assists the customer until the mortgage has been granted.
It is important for us to establish a bond of trust with our customers, offering all our knowledge of the area, professionalism and energy to arrive at a solid and targeted property investment.
One of the principal aspects that has distinguished us in the property market, is that we never try to condition a customer's choice, we instead help the customer to make a choice, offering them access to the full market with the widest range of available properties.

ADVERTISING - DEVELOPMENT - MARKETING “Information and clarity are essential to obtain a clear and rapid result”

We sell properties and consequently aim at evidencing the characteristics of our selected window proposals with the many means at our disposal.
Our job is to transmit in the best possible way using advertising channels, capturing the true characteristics of our selected properties.
We are able to do all this thanks to the acquired experience and awareness of the area, our marketing skills and the H.D. photographic services, videos and aerial shots we deploy.
B.F. Studio can organise aerial shots for their clients and thanks to modern technology we are able to transmit to our customers a complete vision of the property on sale and of the surrounding area.
We often deal with estates in unique exclusive settings, particularly attractive because of their dimensions, traits and their extensive and secluded external surrounds.
By means of aerial techniques we are able to convey a clear and fully detailed photograph of the estate advertised, an aspect which would not otherwise be possible to achieve with traditional photography.
For us it is essential to transmit to our customers a faithful representation of the property we are selling, so that a potential customer obtains a realistic vision of the property prior to viewing.

Internet has revolutionised the speed of communication, data transmission and has become an essential tool for all companies who need to promote not only their name and the goods and services they offer.
Our investment in the web has permitted us target customers who would have been otherwise unreachable with the local and traditional instruments of communication.

We promote our property portfolio on various web sites and we are partners in the most frequently viewed National and International portals.
Furthermore, we have created a solid network of professional experts in the sector with whom we collaborate to promote properties and obtain concrete results.

“The level of professionalism is measured in the preparation and quality of the services offered”


All potential customers are provided with the option of obtaining a free of charge valuation of their property.
Our team of professionals can also issue sworn and detailed surveys for legal purposes.


In the ever more selective and complex property market, many difficulties can be encountered during the negotiation and buying/selling phases.
B.F. Studio is expert in dealing with and moreover resolving possible obstacles and problems relating to mortgage, land, planning permission factors that can often arise during negotiation and contract stage.
To aid our customers and limit problems, we advise the use of the following guidelines:

We are able to handle these searches in a quick and programmed way to permit the perfect preparation of the final contract of transfer.


Specific documents are required for each sale and purchase.
We are able to inform both parties involved, already at the time of formulation of the preliminary contract of the complete list of documents needed for completion.
If authorised, we can obtain such documentation on their behalf.

Furthermore, as soon as any interest is shown in a specific property, we always inform our customers in detail of the costs involved in the eventual purchase: the amount of stamp duty, in addition to legal and conveyance fees. We have a longstanding and solid relationship with highly qualified solicitors, whom our customers can avail themselves of.
For B.F. Studio: clarity, transparency and professionalism are key elements for a successful transaction.


We offer consultancy on all types of credit facilities related to the purchase of property, to mortgages, loans, leasing or pre-finance.
B.F. Studio collaborates with various credit institutions and is continually updated on credit conditions in order to offer customers personalised and flexible proposals.


In order to guarantee our customers a complete and excellent service, B.F. Studio has created a selective line of communication with renowned professionals who offer consultation.
We are in a position therefore, to give our National and International clients a complete legal service combined with qualified linguistic support.
Thanks to all these services we can create a complete relationship with a client, founded on trust and utmost accuracy, confidentiality and preparation.
Our primary goal to simplify the long and laborious buying/selling process.

“We offer the best qualified assistance in realising the home of your dreams”


Thanks to our consolidated network of local specialists, we are able to offer customers a valid all inclusive package of services or rather a 'keys in hand' package.
Such services include highly referenced companies specialising in restoration work, maintenance, garden planning, upkeep, and interior design.
Our partners include architects, interior designers, garden designers, all of whom can provide sophisticated graphic design projects of internal and external areas to show the possible solutions based on the customer's needs or desires.
Every new house owner dreams of having a home where the materials used are perfectly in keeping with the internal ambiance and the external landscape; where floor space has been ideally allocated and where particular features, including light have been best exalted.
Enhancing and increasing the value of a property is one of our post-sale objectives.
Many are the customers who have already chosen B.F. Studio for the purchase and restoration of their luxury villa or of their apartment on the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany.
The need to personalise a property based on the effective needs of a client, is a request that is often put to us, and for us to succeed in satisfying a customer's wish or desire is the equivalent to crossing the finishing line; an achievement that we have reached many times thanks to the faith that customers have shown us over the years.

We do not consider the sale of a property as the point of arrival, but instead the first taste of the many services that we have to offer.
We are at the disposal of our customers for all and anything to do with post-sale.